Long-term alcohol rehab: How long?

Long-term alcohol rehab is considered to be alcohol rehab that lasts more than three months. These longer rehab programs give recovering alcoholics more time to focus on treatment. But who benefits most from long-term stays? What happens during treatment? And what can you expect when rehab ends? More here on what to expect during a [...]

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Health Risks of Drug Abuse

  In most educational materials about drugs, little attention is paid to how alcohol, illicit or abused prescription drugs can impact your health. Most of the attention is focused on how drugs can addict you or cause an overdose.In fact, the many severe health risks of drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine or alcohol may [...]

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Causes of Addiction

The reason people do anything is because they like it and it gives them a good feeling. Emotional satisfaction. Drinking, smoking, alcohol, tobacco, numbs your emotions and gives temporary comfort. This is main cause of Addiction. For Fashion. This is most common among today's youth. Teenagers like to try new stuffs. Company of people play [...]

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Ill effects of addiction

Addiction to Tobacco, Drugs, Cigaratte, Alcohol has serious effects on health and environmentFirst is the obvious ill effect on Health. Stomach cancer, mouth cancer, liver cancer, kidney stones, are common ill effects. Additional financial burden caused due to it destroys family finances.Ill mental health, improper decision making results into wrong actions and person has to face [...]

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Why people Drink Alcohol, Smoke, chew Tobacco or do Drugs

Why people Drink Alcohol, Smoke, chew Tobacco or do Drugs?Alcohol, Cigarette, Tobacco, Drug contain a kind of chemical the numbs the brain and senses. This creates a false illusion of lightness and "happiness" which is the driving force of consumption of the elements.This false illusion is far from reality and the person takes decisions on wrong measures, and hence [...]

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Benefits of De-addiction

  Free from negative influence of alcohol, drug, cigarette, tobacoo Healthy state of Mind and Body. Good relationships with Family and people. Better quality of Life, happier lifestlye.

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How to De-addict yourself

The only way to get De-addict is through Will power. When you yourself decide to get free from addiction, ways and means will appear to get get you free from deaddiction. Some Steps you can follow: Announce among your friends, close ones, well wishers that you will get Free from Tobacco/Cigarette/Alcohol/Drugaddiction. Take help from [...]

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