Long-term alcohol rehab: How long?

Long-term alcohol rehab is considered to be alcohol rehab that lasts more than three months. These longer rehab programs give recovering alcoholics more time to focus on treatment.

But who benefits most from long-term stays?
What happens during treatment?
And what can you expect when rehab ends?

More here on what to expect during a long-term stay in rehab. Plus, a section at the end for your questions. In fact, we welcome your questions. We try to answer all real-life situations with a personal response.

How Do You Know Long-Term Is Right For You?

The length of time a person must spend in alcohol rehab is usually recommended after an initial assessment of a drinking problem. Not everyone respond the same way to different treatment program lengths, and choosing the right program length for you is critical.

So, what determines this very important decision? The length of alcohol rehab stay can depend on sever factors, including:

  • the level of severity of a drinking problem
  • your financial situation
  • your personal preferences
  • your need for a suitable recovery environment

For many people, though, choosing a long-term alcohol rehab program of at least 90 days is often the best bet to making a successful recovery. In fact, research has shown that successful outcomes increase when a person commits to 2-3 months of addiction treatment. So, if you’re serious about getting sober…a long-term stay could be right for you.


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